Best Small Business Insurance Companies January 2023

Best Small Business Insurance for January 2023

Small business insurance provides essential financial protection against a range of risks. It gives business owners security and peace of mind. A business owner’s policy (BOP), a bundle of coverages, includes general liability coverage and commercial property insurance. Included may also be business interruption insurance. This provides income replacement for covered losses. A lot of business owners need professional liability insurance. Commercial auto insurance and worker’s compensation insurance can also be purchased separately.

Best Small Business Insurance Companies for January 2023

There are four steps you can take to purchase business insurance

  1. Consider your risks. Think carefully about the potential damage that natural disasters, accidents or lawsuits could do to your business. If your business is in an area where seasonal events, such as hail storms or fire, could cause damage, then commercial property insurance may be a good option.
  2. Look for a licensed agent. Commercial brokers can help you find policies to meet your needs. When they sell policies, insurance companies commission them. Therefore it is important to find a licensed agent who is interested in your needs as well as the company’s.
  3. Search around. Prices can vary considerably. It is important to compare insurance rates, terms and benefits from different agents.
  4. Each year. As your business grows so does your liability. You should speak to your agent if your business has grown, whether you have bought new equipment or expanded operations.


Updated: January 4, 2023 — 3:45 am

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