Bhavnagar ‘Only 2 students of Neswad village school broke the lock and stole papers’: ASP Safin Hasan’s big statement

By | 23 April, 2022

Let the lessons of fabrication be learned honestly: Police made important revelations in the case of paper theft in Bhavnagar’s Neswad

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Paper theft case in Bhavnagar’s Neswad
Two teenagers from school stole papers
Involvement of teenagers in paper theft
Competitive examination papers have been exploding in Gujarat but now there is a rumor of theft of primary education papers which can be said to be the foundation of education. However, there are major revelations that the police are currently conducting a quick interrogation of 6 suspected youths.

Only 2 students of the school stole: ASP Safin Hasan
Bhavnagar ASP Safin Hasan held a press conference on the whole matter and while giving details of the investigation said that the involvement of 2 teenagers in the theft of standard 7 papers has come out.
Only 2 students of the school broke the lock and stole the sealed papers. Police are currently working to recover the stolen papers

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What is the whole case?
Paper has been stolen from a government primary school in Neswad village of Bhavnagar Talaja. On the night of April 20, unidentified persons broke the lock of the door of the government primary school office and entered the office and broke the lock of the cupboard in the office and stole the examination papers. Unidentified persons found three papers of all subjects of Std-7, one Gujarati paper of Std-8 and stole a total of 22 papers. It may be mentioned that papers were brought from Dihor Central School to Government Primary School, Neswad village. When primary school teacher Devraj Dhadhala came to know about the theft of papers in the school, he lodged a police complaint. The examination to be held from April 22 to 23 in Bhavnagar-Rajkot district has been canceled due to theft of papers. The examination will be held as per routine from Monday.

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચવા માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો

What will stop the paper scandal?
The question here is, why is there frequent incidents of paper exploding or paper theft in Gujarat? Why can’t the system prevent paper theft? Why is proper security of paper not provided? How can the students of Gujarat trust the system if there are frequent paper scandals? When will this series of paper thefts stop? The questions are many. We hope that the government will take prompt action against the accused in this paper theft case as soon as possible so that such cases stop happening in Gujarat.

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