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Top-rated Car Accident Lawyers have 60+ years of trial experience

Car accident lawyers know that fighting the insurance company alone is difficult. An experienced car accident lawyer is needed to represent you in court and negotiate a fair settlement. Our car accident lawyers are available to help you every day of the week.


At-fault laws are common in many states. This means that the insurance company for the victim of an accident must cover the damages. Twelve states have no fault laws. This means that you must insure your injuries regardless who was at fault. There are situations where you might need to sue the at-fault party involved in the accident.

A lowball settlement offer may be made to you that does not include personal and property damages. Your actual and future long-term medical costs may not be taken into consideration in the settlement offer. You may have to file a lawsuit if the accident caused the death or wrongful burial of a family member.


An accident in your car can be scary and life-threatening, especially if you are injured. If your loved has been hurt in an accident, your main concern may be comforting them or helping the victim. You may find it stressful to think about getting compensation from the insurer.

Auto accidents can severely impact your quality and life, whether you are suffering from physical injuries or lost wages. You are likely asking yourself several questions. What about my lost wages and how will that affect me? What if my automobile isn’t salvageable? Is my claim denied by the insurance company? Munley Law’s car accident lawyers can help you answer your questions.

Updated: January 1, 2023 — 7:38 am

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