Car Donation Programs in Australia Donate Your Car with Kids Under Cover

Donate your car in Australia!

One West Australian Not for Profit is accelerating plans for the launch of what it calls the country’s very first ‘Donate a Car Program’.


WESTCARE Industries launched a program called “Donate a Car” to support local persons with disabilities.Westcare currently employs more than 123 people with disabilities. They also train and accommodate 50 others.Western Australians can donate their vehicles to be sold in an auction. Proceeds will go towards the local disability community.


Car Donation Programs in Australia Donate Your Car with Kids Under Cover

Peter Beaton (Westcare’s Chief Operating Officer) says that the donation process is easy and provides a way for donors to easily sell their cars. This allows them to avoid all the hassles associated with the transfer.Beaton suggests that the donation may qualify for a tax deduction. Eligible vehicles must be valued at more than $5000. The Australian Tax Office must approve the valuation.


He claims that the car will be sold at Perth’s most prestigious automobile auctions, which will help to maximize its value.Vehicle donation programs have been a popular fundraising option for decades in the US.After complaints that US taxpayers were taking deductions in excess of what the vehicle actually worth, the new rules for vehicle donation programs began January 1st 2005.


US legislation has mandated that charity provide receipts listing the price of the vehicle, donor’s tax file number and vehicle identification number to taxpayers within 30 calendar days of donation. This is to prevent abuse and limit donor’s tax deductions to the gross proceeds.


In the US, charities receive between 400,000 to a million vehicles each year. There are many’vehicle donor program’ operators. Larger ones generate more than US$10million per year. They serve as middlemen between charity and donor.


An IRS investigation showed that more than half of 54 donors were not receiving the full value of their returns. Additionally, many charities lost money on specific vehicles.Peter Taliangis (General Manager of Westcare) says that Westcare will run this program in Australia as a Not for Profit and that they will be efficient and responsible. Westcare will receive 55-80% from the gross sales price of the car directly to Westcare.


Updated: January 1, 2023 — 7:12 am

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