Car Donation Programs in Australia?

Donate your car to Australiya: A charity that will take your vehicle.

It can feel as though you have no other options when trying to sell or trade your car.We can help you find a better way to do it than the tedious task of getting a roadworthy certificate, dealing tyre-kickers, and taking endless photos of your glove box.

First, ensure your car or vehicle has a clean title before you consider car donation. For 99 percent of car donations, a clean title is required. Some junk cars may be accepted with a bill-of-sale, but please ask our staff before you donate. It can be difficult to sign your title. However, you can find a simple guide on our specific State webpage.

Donate a car to charity today!

How do you donate a vehicle to charity? This question is often asked. It’s easy! Cars Helping Charities is your one stop shop for car donations. We work with hundreds of non-profit organizations to help them with their car donor program. Additionally, we work directly with donors to ensure that their car donations are placed with the charity they choose. You can donate your junk car, or a valuable collector’s vehicle to the charity you choose.

After you are sure you have all of the necessary documentation, you can call our toll-free number (866 701-2277) and speak with one our valued staff members or complete our vehicle donation form. You will need the following information whether you call or fill out an online form.

  • Vehicle Year
  • Vehicle Make and Model
  • VIN of vehicle
  • Mileage
  • Vehicle Condition (various exterior and interior questions)
  • Pickup Location
  • Choose the Charity You Would Like to Give to
  • Contact information to be used for follow-up questions and scheduling

After we receive all your information in our vehicle donor system, our towing companies will contact you to arrange a pick-up. Although we try to have your vehicle picked up within 24 hours of receiving it, sometimes this is not possible. We try to estimate the time as accurately as possible and only work with reputable towing companies across the country. After your vehicle has been towed, and all paperwork has been completed, the vehicles are sent to the scrapyard or auction. We receive multiple bids for most running vehicles.

Updated: January 1, 2023 — 7:11 am

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