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The Best Life Insurance for Parents in 2023

Life insurance offers valuable protection. A life insurance policy is a valuable protection option for young children. You may also wish to purchase life insurance to protect your elderly parents. We recommend checking out the best insurance for those over-50s, the best insurance for seniors, and the best funeral insurance companies. Most Frequently Asked Questions […]

Best ROP Term Insurance

The return of premium (ROP insurance) is a typical term insurance policy that provides a death benefit for your beneficiaries if your policy ends but returns the premiums if your policy term ends. If you die during the term of a standard term insurance policy, there will not be any payout. ROP insurance is more […]

Becoming a life insurance agent

Only a few industries, outside the financial services industry, offer opportunities for inexperienced professionals to earn a significant income within the first year of their employment. A life and insurance agent is one of the few professions that offer new employees the chance to make a good income. A hardworking agent in insurance can make […]

Guaranteed Death Benefit

What is a Guaranteed Death Benefit? A guaranteed death benefit refers to a benefit term that guarantees the beneficiary (as named in the contract) will receive a death benefit if the Annuitant passes away before the Annuity starts paying benefits. Understanding Guaranteed Death Benefit An annuitant can receive a guaranteed death benefit as a safety […]

Accumulation Period

What is an Accumulation Period? An accumulation period, also known as an accumulation phase, is the time during which regular contributions to an investment or premiums are paid on an insurance product such as an Annuity that can be used for retirement. The annuitization stage is when annuity payments begin. Understanding the Accumulation Period An […]