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Ravindranath Tagor Jayanti Celebrations Ravindranath Tagore Jayanti celebrates the birthday of Tagore, one of India’s noblest sons. He is internationally reputed as India’s first Nobel Prize winner, a revolutionary thinker and philosopher, a devoted educationist and a musician par excellence. Born in his hometown of Kolkata on the 7th of May, in 1861, he has… Read More »

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Coming Date Ravindranath Tagor Jayanti Ravindranath Tagor Jayanti is Celebration on 8 May every year and this year.About Ravindranath Tagor Jayanti RavindraNath Yagor  Jayanti is the day which marks the birth anniversary of the great scholar and novelist Ravindranath Tagore. Birthday of the poet laureate Ravindra Nath Tagore is celebrated on 25th day of Baisakh.… Read More »