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Vasant Panchami(Goddesh Saraswati Jayanti)2013-Coming Date Vasant Panchami 2013-About Vasant Panchami-Vasant Panchami Celebrations-Vasant Panchami Puja rituals-Vasant Panchami Greetings2013-Vasant Panchami Images

Coming Date Vasant Panchami 2013 Vasant Panchami is Known as Goddesh Saraswati Jayanti and Coming on 15 February 2013 and According to Gujarati Month of Magha, which falls during January-February, (see calendar). ‘Vasant’ comes from the word ‘spring’ as this festival heralds the beginning of the spring season. About Vasant Panchami As ‘Diwali’ – the festival… Read More »

Paush Purnima(Shakambari Jayanti)-Coming Date Paush Purnima-About Paush Purnima-Paush Purnima Importance-Celebration of Paush Purnima-Paush Purnima Rituals-Push Purnima Images

Coming Date Paush Purnima Today is 27th January 2013 is Celebrated According to Gujarati month paush Purnima and alsoCelebrated to Shakambari Jayanti. About Paush Purnima Paush Poornima is the full moon day in the Hindu month of Paush (December – January). It is an important bathing date in the famous Allahabad Maha Kumbh Fair. Paush… Read More »

Varah Jayanti2012-Varah Jayanti Coming Date2012-About Varah Jayanti2012-Varaha Jayanti Story-Rituals to observe fast of Varaha Jayanti-Lord Varah Images

Varah Jayanti Coming Date2012Varah Jayanti is Coming on 18 Saptember 2012. About Varah Jayanti2012 Varaha Jayanti is the birthday or Appearance day of Varaha Avatar.Lord Varaha Swamy is the boar incarnation of Sri Maha Vishnu. Varaha is the third avatara of Vishnu. Lord Varaha was born to destroy evils.Varaha Jayanti is celebrated and dedicated to… Read More »

Rituls Of Ashadhi Ekadashi

If it is not possible to observe the ekadashi of every Hindu calendar,one can at least observe the ekadashi of the bright fortnight.On both the ekadashis of Ashadh month,Lord Vishnu is worshipped as Shridhar (one of the Names of Lord Vishnu).A deep (lamp) of clarified butter (ghee) is kept lit throughout the night of an… Read More »