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Today Mahalaya(Sarva Pitru,Sarvapitri,Somvati) Amavashya-About Mahalaya Amavashya-Importance of Today Mahalaya Amavashya-Amavasya in Pandokhar Dham-Mahalaya Amavashya Images

Today Mahalaya(Sarva Pitru,Sarvapitri,Somvati ) AmavashyaToday March 11   is Amavashya.Today Amavashya is Known as Mahalaya Amavashya,Sarva Pitru Amavashya,and Somvati Amavashya.Today is Last Day of Pitru Shraddh. About Mahalaya Amavashya This year the Pitru Paksham is from 30th September till 16th October 2012. The Mahalaya Amavasya occurs on 15th October 2012. The old man Krishnan.Vadhyar has… Read More »