Donate a Car To Charity And Process

Every year, between 400,000 and a Million cars are donated to charities in the US. There are thousands upon thousands of vehicle donation program operators. Some bring in over US$10million annually. They are the intermediary between the charity and the donor.An IRS investigation discovered that the IRS received less than 10% in 54 cases. Some charities even lost money on vehicles.


Peter Taliangis is the General Manager at Westcare. He says that the Not for Profit organization running the program in Australia will be efficient, responsible, and that it will provide 55-80% directly to Westcare.The program was created to enable car owners to donate their vehicle online. They can print the forms and send them with the car’s title.


Donate a Car To Charity And Process

Kids Under Cover, a non-profit organisation that helps youth avoid homelessness in Australia, is not for profit. Kids Under Cover helps by providing studio accommodation for families in their backyards and educational scholarships.Manheim, Kids Under Cover’s official auction sponsor, has been raising vital funds for the charity ever since 2006. Over 20,000 vehicles have been sold through our collection and auction.


Anybody can donate a vehicle through the KUC program. Your vehicle will be collected free of charge. A tax deduction can also be claimed for the sale price.We are proud supporters of KUC. Manheim donates vehicles to all locations.Peter Taliangis stated that Westcare would like to initially bring in 10-20 vehicles with an annual income around $100,000.


He stated that Westcare is currently in a learning period and trying out a model it can share with other Not for Profits.Kids Under Cover, a non-profit organization dedicated to youth homelessness prevention, is called Kids Under Cover.We are an Australian charity which supports young people aged between 12 and 25 who are at risk of being homeless or are already homeless.



Kids Under Cover was started in 1989 by Ken Morgan OAM of Melbourne, who felt obliged to respond to the Senate National Inquiry on youth homelessness findings, better known as the Burdekin Report .


Ken decided to raise the funds for a shelter for young mothers who were homeless after the shocking findings of his inquiry. Kids Under Cover was born from Ken’s desire for more support for young people who are homeless. Ken was determined to address the massive gap in support available to young people in his community.

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