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Donate Your Car in Australia

One West Australian Not for Profit is accelerating its plans to run the first ‘Donate a Car!’ program, despite the US tightening rules regarding vehicle donation programs.WEST CARE Industries created a “Donate a Car” program to assist local residents with disabilities.


Westcare employs 123 persons with disabilities at the moment and can accommodate and train 50 more. Western Australians are encouraged to donate their vehicles, which will then be sold at auctions. The money raised will go to the local disabled community.

Peter Beaton, Westcare’s Chief Executive Officer, says that there are many benefits for donors. They can sell their car hassle-free and avoid any liability associated with the transfer of automobiles.


Beaton states that a donation could be eligible for a tax deduction. The eligible cars must have a value greater than $5000, and the valuation must be approved by the Australian Tax Office.He also stated that the sale of the vehicle at Perth’s top automobile auctions will increase the donation’s value.


Peter Taliangis states that Westcare ideally hopes to acquire 10-20 cars with an annual income of approximately $100,000. He said that Westcare is in a learning phase and trying to create a model that will be shared with other Not for Profits.Kids Under Cover is an organization that does not profit and aims to prevent youth homelessness.


We are an Australian charity that supports vulnerable young people aged 12-25 who are homeless or at-risk of becoming homeless.



Relocatable studios with one or two bedrooms and a bathroom are built in the backyards of families or carer’s homes. This extra space reduces stress, tension and creates a safe and stable environment for young people. The studio can be left in its place as long as necessary. Kids Under Cover can relocate a studio as many times as necessary to assist other families in need.



The scholarships are then used to pay for education and training. This helps to offset basic education costs, enabling young people to reach their goals. Our scholarships are not only awarded to the young people who live in our studio but also to their siblings living in the main house – helping to end the cycle of poverty, disadvantage and exploitation.


Kids Under Cover was founded in 1989 by Ken Morgan OAM, a well-known Melbourne identity who felt compelled respond to the Senate National Inquiry into Youth Homelessness, also known as the “Burdekin Report” (read the report ).


Ken was moved by the disturbing findings of this inquiry to raise funds to build a home for young homeless mothers. Kids Under Cover was born out of Ken’s desire to improve the support available to young people experiencing homelessness. Ken wanted to fill the large gap in community support for young people.

Updated: January 1, 2023 — 6:58 am

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