Donate a Car To Charity in Australiya And USA Today

Donate a Car Program in Australia?

While the US tightens the rules for vehicle donation programs, a West Australian Not for Profit is accelerating plans for what it claims is the country’s first Donate a Car’ program.WESTCARE Industries established a “Donate a Car” program for local persons with disabilities.Westcare currently employs 123 individuals with disabilities, and also accommodates and trains 50 additional people.


Western Australians are encouraged not to keep their cars. They will be auctioned off and the proceeds will be donated to local disabled people.Peter Beaton is Westcare’s Chief Executive officer. He says there are many benefits to the donor, including an easy way to sell their car and avoid the liabilities that come with the transfer.Beaton believes that the donation may be eligible for tax deduction. Eligible cars must not be less than $5000 in value and the valuation must be approved or endorsed by the Australian Tax Office.

Donate a Car Program in Australia And Usa

He says that the best auto auctions in Perth will maximize the value of the donation.Vehicle Donation programs are a well-established fundraising opportunity in the USA for many years.However, it tightened the legislative screws for vehicle donation programs with new rules beginning January 1, 2005. It was done after complaints from US taxpayers about deductions that were much higher than the actual vehicle value.


US legislation requires that charities provide a written acknowledgment to donors and a receipt listing the sale price, vehicle ID number, and donor’s Tax File Number within 30 days of receiving the vehicle. It also limits a donor’s deductions to the gross proceeds.




We create relocatable one- and two-bedroom studios with a bath in the backyard of a carer or family. The additional space helps to relieve overcrowding and reduce tension, and it provides young people with a stable and secure environment. The studio will remain in place as long it is needed. Kids Under Cover will move a studio upto four times in its lifetime to assist families in need.



To help young people achieve their goals, we offer scholarships to education or job training. These are offset by basic education costs. Our scholarships are awarded not only to young people living in our studio, but also to their siblings in the main residence. This helps to break the cycle poverty and disadvantage.


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