Donate your car. The charity that places your used vehicle in Australiya

Donate your car. The charity that places your used vehicle in Australiya

If you are looking to get rid of an old car, it might feel like selling it or trading it in.However, if all the hassle involved in organising a roadworthy document, dealing with tire-kickers, and taking endless photographs of the inside of your slightly scratched glove box does not appeal to you, then we will show you a better way.

Donate a Car Today to Charity!

“How do I donate a car to charity?” We receive this question often. It’s easy! CarsHelpingCharities is your one-stop resource for car donation. We are able to work with thousands of charities to assist with their vehicle donation program. The charity of your choice can benefit from the junk car you have or the valuable collector’s car you wish to donate.

A clean title is the first step in car donation. 99% of all car donations require a clear title that is free from liens. In some cases, junk cars can be accepted with the bill of sale. However, please contact our staff before you donate. Signing your title can seem complicated. You can find a step-by-step guide on your State webpage.

Once you have confirmed that you have all the documentation required, you can either call our toll free number (866-701-2277) and speak with a valued staff member or fill out our vehicle donor form. No matter whether you choose to fill out the online form or call us, the following information will be required:

  • Vehicle Year
  • Vehicle Make & Type
  • Vehicle VIN
  • Vehicle Mileage
  • Vehicle Condition (various Interior and Exterior Questions)
  • Pickup Location
  • Which Charity Would You Like To Donate?
  • Your contact information for tow scheduling or follow-up questions

Once we have your information in the vehicle donations system we will contact our towing company to schedule a pickup. Although we strive to tow within 24hrs, there are times when it is not possible. We work only with top-quality tow companies in the nation and do our best to estimate time. Once the vehicle is towed and all paperwork is completed, we will send it to an auction or scrap yard. Most vehicles are sold at auction. We have received multiple competing bids.

After the vehicle is sold we will send you a tax receipt detailing the amount you are allowed to deduct from your taxes. It’s easy!Nonprofits can also use our services to manage their car donations. Our car donor programs are available to help you partner with your organization. Stay updated with all news about car charity donation

The Melbourne-based charity Kid Under Cover runs its Donate Your Car Program every year since 2006. Car owners can donate their car to help youth homelessness.Despite its name Donate Your Car Program takes all kinds of cars, from boats to motorcycles and caravans. 100 percent of the proceeds of these items are donated towards supporting vulnerable people aged 12-25.

This program is simple and hassle-free. It requires no paperwork, no roadworthy certificates, and allows you to hand over your vehicle to a tow truck driver.

This all goes to a wonderful cause. Jo Swift, the CEO of Kids Under Cover, explained that the charity’s goal is to give young people in danger of becoming homeless the foundations they need to strengthen their relationships with family, friends, and education.

“Our Studio Program is at our heart. The studios can be one- or twice-bedroom and are built in the back yard of a carer or family member’s home. This gives young people at risk from homelessness secure, stable accommodation. In order to encourage continued engagement in education, scholarships are available.While all donations are appreciated, Ms Swift states that there is one specific contribution that stands out as the most special.

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