Donate your car to Australiya: Australiya will accept your used vehicle

Once we have received all the information from your vehicle donation account, we will contact towing companies to schedule a pick up. While we do our best to get you to your destination within 24 hours, it may not always be possible. We make every effort to provide accurate estimates of time and only use quality tow companies nationwide. We send your vehicles to the scrapyard after they have been towed. We get multiple bids on most vehicles that are in good condition.

Donate your car to Australiya

We send you a receipt with the amount of tax that you can deduct once the vehicle is sold. It is very simple!We can help non-profits manage car donations. For more information on how to partner with us, please visit our car donation program for nonprofits. Stay informed about all car charity donations news by Cars Helping Charity.

The Kids under Cover Melbourne-based not for profit has been running its Donate Your Car Program since 2006. This program allows car owners and their vehicles to be donated to raise funds to end youth homelessness.


Donate your car to Australiya: Australiya will accept your used vehicle

Despite its name, the Donate Your Car Program accepts boats, trailers, motorbikes, and motorcycles. 100% proceeds will be donated to vulnerable people between 12 and 25.It is hassle-free, requires minimal paperwork, has no roadworthy certificate, and you can hand over your vehicle to a driver who comes to you.

This is all for a good cause. Jo Swift, CEO of Kids Under Cover, says that the charity’s mission is “to provide young people who are at risk of being homeless with foundations to strengthen their connections to family, communities, and education.”

“Our Studio Program is at the heart of all our work. A studio with one or two bedrooms is built in the backyard of a family home or carer’s house. This is a safe and stable housing option for young people who are at risk of being homeless. Scholarships are also available to support continued education.”

Although every donation is appreciated, Ms Swift identifies one contribution that she finds the most meaningful.

Updated: January 1, 2023 — 7:15 am

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