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By | 21 April, 2022

It is important to know what a PAN card is when applying for a PAN card online. PAN card is an English word. This is what we call Proper – PAN Card. The full form of PAN Card is called Permanent Account Number and in Hindi it is called Permanent Account Number.

PAN card is made by the Income Tax Department of the Government of India. A person can get a PAN card only once in his entire life. If the person’s PAN card is lost then it can be made again. But if a person wants to be issued two PAN cards, it is not possible.

PAN card is not only for any human being but PAN card is for any business, business, industry, department, government, ministry, unified Hindu family and any organization.

In the eyes of the government, PAN card is a means of measuring the income of any person. The important paper required for filing tax is PAN card. Pan Card Number is mandatory for paying taxes and making financial investments.

The PAN card number has a total of 10 digits which consists of 6 English letters and 4 digits. PAN card number contains all the data related to tax and investment of the person. Sibyl credit score is checked only through PAN card.

PAN Card – The PAN card is issued under the Income Tax Act, 1961, it has a 10 digit alphanumeric unique code. These codes are generated by the computer and each cardholder’s code is different.

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PAN card is made online and offline. But that is not enough. When applying for online Pan Card, one has to give some important information. When applying for PAN card offline, the person has to provide photocopy of some documents along with the completed form.

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