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By | 21 April, 2022

Truecaller denies that it has the ability to read SMS content and states that it only analyzes messages locally on the phone to identify the sender and determine if it is spam. However, the company also claims that by making Truecaller the default SMS app, the inbox can be kept clean by classifying messages such as OTP, appointments, spam messages, unsolicited numbers and more.

Moreover, the way Truecaller has adapted to evolving laws in parts of the world also raises some serious questions about its practices in India. The company has tightened privacy rules in Nigeria, another major market, and rebuilt its app for European users after the European Union adopted the General Data Protection Regulation in 2016. However, the same level of rigidity has not been applied to the Indian market. .

For example, EU users of the application have multi-level protection based on six legal checkpoints: consent, performance of the contract, legitimate interest, vital interest, legal requirement and public interest. Accordingly, the app’s EU users are provided with additional access and control features in the app’s privacy center, allowing them to access, modify, delete, restrict and transfer their data. No such options are available for Indian users. Following the implementation of the GDPR, the Working Party, an independent European advisory body on data protection and privacy, wrote a letter to Mamedi in June 2017, expressing concern about how personal data was collected through True Software. Read the letter, a copy of which is near The Caravan:

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True Software seems to be sourcing personal data from both TrueCollar users’ contact lists and, in some cases, their social media pages (including name, telephone number, email address and, where available, demographic information and additional contact information). This information is then made publicly available through a reverse search on the TrueColor website and mobile app … There is no indication that True Software is alerting non-users that their data is being processed in a TrueColor app or website search, except That those individuals actively engage. With the website or download the app. It is quite possible that individuals have no knowledge of this use of their data. This means that they are being denied their rights under the directive and their privacy is being violated.

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