Grand Data Recovery Services in USA Review Pricing Detail

#4) Stellar Data Recovery


Ideal for small and large businesses.


Stellar Data Recovery software offers advanced capabilities to businesses, including email repair, file repair, file repair and data recovery & deletion.

It offers In-lab services which can retrieve data from complex situations such as recovering data from a physically damaged hard drive, RAID crash due to file system corruption, firmware corruption, and so on.

It can retrieve deleted data like photos, videos, audio files, and video clips that were recorded with action cameras or drones. It can recover data from iPhone and iPad.

Core Services: Photo Recovery, Data Recovery and Video Repair, iPhone Recovery, and Other.
Data recovery from devices: Hard drives, USB, SD cards and other storage devices.
Pricing Information – A free trial and a data recovery plan up to 1GB are included in the price, which starts at $79.99


#5) Ontrack


Ideal for individuals and small/medium/large companies.


Ontrack is a leader in data recovery services, boasting a 90% success rate and more than 569K recoveries. They can recover from many electronic devices. Standard, Priority and Emergency services are available with turnaround times of 7 days, 3 hours, and 24 hour respectively.

Core Services: Email Recovery, Email Destruction, Email Extraction and eDiscovery. Tape Service, Mobile Phone Repair, and Recovery.

Data recovery from devices: Hard Drives, SSDs, Servers, Tapes, Desktop. Laptop, Mobile, Cloud, Virtual, RAID, Apple, CCTV.

Pricing Information Free Evaluation in 4 Hours The cost of data recovery depends on how complex it is and how much data they need to be recovered.

Official URL: Ontrack


#6) Gillware


Best for Small and large businesses, as well as individuals.


In Madison, WI, Gillware was founded in 2003. Gillware is a world leader in advanced data recovery techniques. It has a 14000 square foot recovery lab that meets ISO-5 Class 100 standards. Gillware’s team of experts can retrieve data from hard drives, RAIDs, flash cards, SD cards and many other media. Gillware is certified to meet SOC II Type 2 standards.

Core Services: Data Recovery, Digital Forensics, Incident Response, Cyber Risk Management
Data recovery from devices: Hard Drives, SSDs, Flash Drives and Mobile Phones.
Pricing Information Free Evaluation, No Inbound Shipping Fee, Lower Prices than competitors

Official URL: Gillware


#7) Drivesavers


Best forHome users, small businesses and Fortune 500 companies.


DriveSavers has over 34 years of industry experience in data recovery and customer support. They are able to retrieve data irreplaceable from any type of storage device, including those damaged by flooding, fire, mechanical damage, malware, and common drive failures.

Their success is due to an experienced team made up of highly skilled engineers and certified ISO Class 5 Cleanroom cleaners. To meet different data loss requirements, they offer three service plans: Priority (ASAP), Standard (1 to 2 days), and Economy (5 to 7 days). Priority Service is available 24/7, including weekends, holidays, and night. Secure recovery facilities are compliant with SOC II Type 2 standards.

Core Services:Data Recovery, eDiscovery and Digital Forensics

Data recovery from devices: Hard Drives, SSD, RAID/NAS/SAN External Drives Laptops Desktops Flash Drives Smartphones and Tablets VMware, CCTV, Apple MAC Computers.

Pricing Information : Free Evaluation. They are also the best in their field, and therefore command premium pricing.

Official URL: Drivesavers


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