How to Choose the Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

How to Choose the Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

You are totally exposed when you ride a motorcycle. You are more likely to sustain serious injuries if you’re involved in an accident. Motorcyclists are 29 percent more likely to be in an accident than passengers in cars. You need the best legal and medical professionals to help you if you’re in an accident with a motorcycle. The best motorcycle accident lawyer can help you.

This guide will help you find the top motorcycle accident lawyers in your area.

Find the Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

There are many options for personal injury lawyers in your area. There are many options and advertisements, so it is easy to get overwhelmed by all the choices. These are the top considerations to consider when speaking to accident lawyers to ensure that you find the best one for you.

Work on contingency fees

Personal injury lawyers work on a contingent basis. This means they get their fee from any award. You should not pay any fees to retain an attorney or have them represent you. If the case is going to trial, the industry average fee will be between 33% and 40%. If the fee falls within this range, it means that you are working with an industry standard lawyer. The fee structure should be explained to you by your lawyer and a fee agreement signed. You may also be responsible for any out-of-pocket expenses in addition to the contingency fees.

Is there a communication schedule?

It can take time for a motorcycle accident case to be settled or taken to court. Ask your attorney about their communication schedule. Your attorney should be able to update you about the status of your case within a few weeks. If you have any questions, you should be able to reach the attorney easily. You should ensure that the office is well-organized and allows for easy communication.

Motorcycle Law Group Motorcycle Accident Lawyers who help with accidents on bikes & beyond


As avid motorcyclists, every attorney at our firm knows the unique circumstances that motorcyclists are faced each day. We have the experience to present your motorcycle accident to a judge, jury or insurance adjuster and ensure they are informed and persuasive.

Our motorcycle accident lawyers are skilled trial attorneys who can help you get to court. No matter if the opposition is willing or not to negotiate, you can rely on us to be there.

Our motorcycle accident lawyers can help you protect your rights if you or someone you love has been hurt while riding a motorcycle in Virginia, North Carolina or South Carolina.

You should not give any recorded statements to any insurance company if you were in a motorcycle accident.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Law Tigers Lawyers* are deeply rooted in the motorcycle community because they are passionate about riding and will always be there for you. Our motorcycle lawyers* are trusted by riders because they have the experience and knowledge to help them get fair compensation for their pain and suffering.

Each motorcycle accident case is different. We can help you navigate the legal process easily so that you have peace of mind. Meet America’s top-rated team of motorcycle attorneys who are committed to your success.Why would I need a specialist lawyer to represent me in my case regarding motorcycle inury?


Although it is possible to resolve a motorcycle accident case by yourself, it is not recommended, particularly in certain states and with certain facts.In Michigan, for example, there is no fault law and personal injury lawyers are not familiar with the details of motorcyclist accident law. Different types of claims have different deadlines and must be submitted in different places. You could face medical bills, lost rights, or even lose the ability to sue for damages if you do not file a claim.

Only specialized lawyers have the ability to explore all avenues for recovering damages. They all exist and we will investigate them all. Is the owner of the vehicle responsible for the accident? Is the owner of the vehicle covered by separate insurance? Are there any special requirements for motorcycle accident cases? Are there any special insurance policies that cover the motorcycle, or other vehicles, which will provide additional compensation? Is there an umbrella policy?

Numerous clients have fallen for the lies of insurance adjusters promising a fair deal if they provide the following information. Then, they sign an authorization. Sometimes, after much waiting, an offer is made – but it is often a low offer that the client regrets making.

Sometimes, the motorcyclist who was injured does more harm than good to his case by what he said and did to the adjuster when trying to adjust the case without the help of a lawyer.

Is it worth getting a lawyer to represent you in a motorcycle accident?

A motorcycle accident lawyer can often get you a better award than if your case was not. For small cases only worth a few thousand dollars it may not be worth the effort. However, if you have suffered serious injuries you might want to consider hiring one.

Do not get taken advantage of:

I don’t recommend signing anything without a lawyer’s authorization. A blank insurance company ‘Records Authorization” can give them access to all your personal information. This includes your medical records, wages, tax records, and employment files. They may even be able run your credit report.

Do you have any idea what the value of my case?

An experienced accident lawyer will be able tell you what the settlement should be. This will help you set expectations for the final award. Going to trial can mean losing nothing. Lawyers rarely give opinions in trial cases.

4. Send a Demand letter

Once you have a clear picture of your case and how serious your losses are, you can send a demand letter to your insurer naming the driver who caused you harm. The following should be included in your demand letter:

  • The facts of this case
  • You’ve incurred expenses
  • The road to recovery
  • A request for a reasonable amount in compensation

You can send a demand letter to start negotiations about your terms rather than starting with the amount offered by the insurer.

I don’t recommend speaking to the negligent driver’s insurance company. I also don’t believe you should record a statement.

I don’t recommend that you represent yourself. Our firm is a specialist in motorcycle cases. We have the reputation, experience and knowledge to help you resolve your case faster and more efficiently.

Jason Waechter is THE Motorcycle Lawyer. Call now for a no-obligation, free case evaluation. You can also fill out our Contact Us form to request a case evaluation.

What is the value of a case involving a motorcycle accident?


The settlement’s value or worth can be determined by many factors. Factors such as insurance, the circumstances surrounding the motorcycle accident, and many other factors can affect the settlement’s value. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and provide a better solution.

What are the most important things to do after a motorcycle crash?


Seek medical attention from a qualified, experienced doctor who has experience with motor vehicle accidents. We recommend that you not discuss your motorcycle accident until you have spoken to a lawyer who specializes in motorcycle accidents.

Is Medicare covered for my medical expenses resulting from my motorcycle accident?


When it comes to motorcycle accidents involving injuries or death, the question of who pays the bills is common and worth asking. Is Medicare able to pay for medical bills for bikers who are injured? In certain circumstances, it may. It may, in some circumstances. If it does, it is usually only after other sources have paid their obligations. Medicare may then help. Medicare holds a lien on any injury proceeds and must be reimbursed in certain cases. This means that if another insurance company is required to pay, Medicare will have to be reimbursed. This will depend on your state and other circumstances. For the best advice regarding your injury case, call us.

What are the main causes of motorcycle accidents


Motorcycle accidents are often caused by a driver turning left but not seeing a motorcyclist in front. Motor vehicle drivers will often say they didn’t see the motorcycle rider or that the motorcyclist “came from nowhere”. This is called “inattentional blindness”. Motorcycle accidents are often caused by other distractions. It is common for drivers to rear-end a motorcycle that has stopped at a red signal.

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