Motorcycle Accident Lawyers 2022-23 IN USA

Michigan is an example of a state that has no fault laws. Personal injury lawyers may not be familiar with the specifics of the motorcyclist accident no blame law. There are various time limits for different types and locations where they must all be filed. You may be liable for medical bills, lose your right to sue, or suffer damages if a claim isn’t made or made correctly.

I have found that only specializing lawyers can know all the avenues to recover for different damages. We have all of them and will look into each. So, for example, is the owner or operator of the vehicle in question liable under the law? Is there a separate policy for insurance that covers the vehicle’s owner? Is there an additional notice required for this type of case? Is there an umbrella policy or special insurance that will cover you? Is there an umbrella plan?

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Numerous clients have fallen prey to the empty promises made by insurance adjusters promising them fair compensation if they simply provide this information and then continue with more information before signing this authorization. Sometimes, after much stalling, an offer may come – sometimes a very low one that the client regrets ever trying.

Sometimes, an injured motorcyclist can even cause damage to his case through the things he has said to the insurance adjuster while trying to adjust the case with no lawyer.

Is it worth hiring an attorney to help with a motorcycle accident case?

A motorcycle accident lawyer can often result in a larger award than if you did not have one. Although it may not make sense for smaller cases, such as those worth less than a few thousand dollars or minor injuries, it can be worth it if your case is serious.

Do not get taken advantage of:

I would not recommend signing any documents without first getting authorization from a lawyer. If you sign a blank insurance company “Records Authorization”, they can have full access to your past, including all of your health records, such as your hospital and doctor records, your wage information, tax records, or other personal information. You may also be eligible for a credit check.

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