Motorcycle Accident Lawyers who help with accidents on bikes

Take a look at their track record

Find out what the lawyer’s performance in motorcycle cases. You will want to see how many cases led to settlements and how few were lost. Naturally, you want to know if they settle cases for reasonable amounts. You should also ask about their courtroom experience when asking about their history. While some lawyers will be happy to settle your case out of court, you will need to hire a competent litigator to represent your case in court.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyers who help with accidents on bikes

Contingency Fees

Personal injury attorneys almost always work on a contingency fee basis. They get paid from any award. The attorney will work for your benefit without any additional fees. An industry average fee is between 33% and 40%. It could go higher if your case goes through trial. It doesn’t matter if it is within the industry average range. You are working with someone who complies with industry standards. Your lawyer should explain the fees to you and then give you a contract to sign. It is possible that you will be responsible to pay additional out-of pocket costs.

A Communication Schedule

The process of settling or going to court in a case involving a motorcycle accident can be lengthy. Ask the attorney for their communication schedule. Your attorney should contact you every few weeks to inform you of the progress of your matter. You should also be able reach your attorney quickly if there are any questions. You need to ensure they have a way to contact you easily.

Motorcycle Law Group Motorcycle Crash Lawyers who Help With Accidents On Bikes & Beyond


Every attorney at our law firm has been a motorcycle rider for many years. Because of this direct experience, we can present your motorcycle accident case to a judge or insurance adjuster. We will make sure they understand your situation from an informed and persuasive perspective.

Each of our motorcycle crash lawyers can represent you in court. We will be there to assist you regardless of whether or not the opposition offers to negotiate.

Contact our motorcycle accident lawyers if you or a family member have been injured while riding a motorbike in Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina.

You must not give any recorded testimony to any insurance company regarding a motorcycle accident.

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