The Government restrict National out of the country Scholarship for a Students study Indian Subjects in Abroad        

By | 12 May, 2022

 The Government restrict National out of the country Scholarship for a Students study Indian Subjects in Abroad




                                             New Delhi, India (NOS)

Newly, the Ministry of Social honesty and Empowerment has issue  A new guidelines, preventing students from applying for the National Overseas Scholarship national overseas scholarship (NOS) to study more than a few humanities subjects, TO including Indian history, society and heritage in foreign universities. As the latest information of the ministry has   required   functions for the same by 31st March 2022.

(published in advance this month for the session 2022-23).


The Union Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment has uploaded the revised guideline on its website under the sub-head Mandatory Conditions for its national overseas scholarship (NOS ) scheme. According to the new section, ‘Topics/ courses relating to the Indian like culture or history and social studies on India-based research topics shall not be covered .

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Under  NOS(national overseas scholarship). The final result as to which topic can be covered  to under such a class will rest with the election-cum-screening committee of (NOS).

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The Centre’s move of barring of the tracking down of humanities and social sciences courses interrelated to  the Indian culture has paying attention criticism from both of  the conflict and the teaching fraternity. Affected to the students from a marginalised sections to pursue topics and courses related to  the Indian culture.

  • heritage,
  • history and society.

The National Overseas Scholarship (NOS) provide economic support to the students from a marginalised sections who required to pursue of post-graduation and PhD. courses from overseas universities,

.  Scheduled Castes (SC)

.  Denitrified nomadic and semi-nomadic tribes

.  Landless farm labourers

.  Traditional artisans

Senior of Congress Dalit Chief PL Punia criticised the termination and pointed out, of  “This is an objectionable move. If a scheduled cast (SC) student requirements to pursue super-specialisation in a selected Indian subject in a overseas college, he/she needs to be inspired and approved to take an action.

And this review of guidelines would restrict the opportunity for scheduled caste (SC) youth. The central government is pushing Davits out of the higher education system.” And they trying to allow to go similar doubts, or Prof of the Badri Narayan, Director of (GB) Pant Social Science Institute try to guaranteed that the decision  to would not have an consequence on Dalit students.


On the other hand Prof Dilip Mandal, a journalist-turned to -academician  and he decorated another grave to feature and tweet, “The guidelines were tweaked in the last hours and the stakeholders like students, teachers and  a foreign universities in case they a not even consulted before to the make stronger the decisions. This would adversely affect  to many of the students, as well as the ones who have already concluded their Masters and MPhil in a Social Science With this revised guideline,for the students would not be able to apply for this scholarship.” Than He also added that this move may play out with unfriendliness for India as numerous foreign universities are showing probable interest and are encouraging to the Indian students to study and take up to research in these fields.

Ministry’s Explanation of this open to discussion Move

A day of Sunday, 20th February 2022, the Ministry of India whispered the decision and that was based on the “more practical expertise”. R Subrahmanyam, and they are Secretary of Social Justice and Empowerment Department and,R  Subrahmanyam said that the move was a well thought-out ones. that“Indian universities are already have rich produce and courses on  a  Indian  tradition or humanities/culture  and the Indian studies We have made an internal view within the ministry of the capability of guiding high-quality research within the country and he  felt that the scholarship for studying out of the country was not needed, in exacting to study an Indian history, culture and heritage.” And He added,  that“ every one of the subjects,  or students have to stay 3or4th of the time in India for their fieldwork and only 1or4th would be compulsory out of the country. So, we felt that the belongings could be better that spent on realization knowledge in a other fields in the foreign universities. Instead of the studying Indian subjects  in  a foreign country, students can pursue “new-age topics” in  a foreign universities and return with that knowledge to the India.”

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