Top Salesforce Best Compny in USA

Let’s first look at the forecast, or lack thereof. The economy is so uncertain that Salesforce decided to forgo a forecast for fiscal 2024. (The three months ended October 31, 2022 comprised the company’s third quarter fiscal 2023). Although we use the term unprecedented a lot these days, it is quite unusual for Salesforce to tell investors that they are putting out a forecast. This is the first time Salesforce has done this.


This is what Salesforce CFO Amy Weaver said to investors during an earnings call.

This would be enough for anyone who has been following this company to raise their eyebrows. Consider that Salesforce also announced that COO Bret Taylor will be stepping down.


1. Capgemini

Since 2007, Capgemini has been a strategic partner of Salesforce. Capgemini’s strengths lie in providing thought-leading solutions for multiple industries across the globe. They are supported by a global network of 6300 certified salesforce professionals. They have significantly increased their capabilities and developed solutions to meet digital customer experience requirements of their clients worldwide, which has accelerated innovation and made them more competitive.


KPMG provides this purpose-driven support for clients using the entire Salesforce suite of products. The 360 approach focuses on the back, middle and front-office to create connected experiences for the entire company. The industry solutions they offer, backed up by their proprietary Powered methods, accelerate Sales, Marketing, and Service transformation. This in turn helps clients to lead with innovative business models and customer-centric capabilities.

3. HData Systems

HData Systems’ team of Salesforce experts ensures that all solutions are reliable, adaptable, extensible, and easily maintainable on Salesforce. HData Systems’ best-in-class accelerators are designed for Salesforce. They help clients stay ahead by increasing time-to-value, and driving platform innovation. They offer an automotive-specific Salesforce-powered solution, Auto Cloud, that is more digital, connected, and predictive.

Updated: December 25, 2022 — 11:06 am

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