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Best Small Business Insurance in January 2023

Small business insurance can provide financial protection for a variety risks. This provides business owners with security and comfort. A business owner’s insurance policy (BOP), provides a range of coverages. It includes general liability coverage as well as commercial property insurance. A business interruption policy, which can provide income replacement after a covered event, might also be included. Many business owners also need professional insurance, commercial auto insurance, or worker’s insurance. You can purchase these separately or add them to your BOP.

Costs of Small Business Insurance

Small businesses insurance can be expensive. It’s because each small business is unique and has its own risks. What does small-business insurance cost? The cost of small business insurance depends on what you need. The infographic below can be used to determine the average cost that business owners pay for coverage with The Hartford. 1

Additional Information about Small Business Insurance

What are the benefits of small-business insurance?

All states require small-business owners to have some type of insurance. Accidents can happen regardless of how careful you may be. Insurance can make all the differences when accidents do occur. Learn more about insurance required for small businesses.



Here are our top picks for small business insurance

Small business insurance policies do not cover all risks. Different types are designed to cover different types of damages, accidents, and lawsuits that could impact your business. These policies address common risks.

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