Vahan Aksmat sahay yojna

By | 22 November, 2020

Vahan Aksmat sahay yojna 

Vahan Aksmat sahay G.R..pdf – Goo … Accident happens to one person in the house but the whole family has to suffer the consequences. In this too, when the person in charge of the house dies in an accident, the whole family becomes mentally and financially destitute. With the increasing number of vehicles, the number of accidents on the road is increasing. According to experts, at least ૫ox mortality can be avoided if victims are hospitalized within the first hour (Golden Hour).  

Immediately after the accident (Golden Hour) is the first hour in which ’emergency medical treatment is required and if no such treatment is available or immediate treatment is not given after the accident, most of the accident victims die. However, the government is considering whether a person injured in any vehicle accident in Vista should be able to get free medical treatment and health care for a fixed financial period for the first 3 hours of the accident. Resolution: “The above reference number: (As per the proposal made by the above mentioned letter from the office of the Health Commissioner dated 19/06/2017, Gujarat has been a victim of vehicle accident in the employment of Gujarat from the budgetary provision for the year 2015-16 without considering the financial status, state and state.” In order for the person to avail the benefits of this scheme and to be provided emergency treatment by all government, trust and private hospitals in the state during the first 3 hours of the vehicle accident, an administrative and financial sanction of Rs. Rules of the scheme 

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– 1, Beneficiary All the injured in a vehicle accident within the limits of the State of Gujarat irrespective of their financial status, opinion or nationality. A letter of approval has to be obtained and it has to be done along with the claim form. 3. Outline of the scheme and Lalo: (2.1) First 3 hours to the injured person who is the victim of a vehicle accident. Meanwhile, free treatment of Rs. 50,000 / – per incident will be available immediately for each injured person. Out of the expenses incurred for such treatment, operation etc. during the first 8 hours, Rs. With the limit of Rs. 50,000 / – per person, the treatment was paid directly by the government to the hospitals.
  (3. To all persons injured in a vehicle accident at any place in the State of Gujarat, regardless of any income limit, by all Government Hospitals, Trust Managed and Private Hospitals in the State who are residents of Gujarat or residents of other States

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