What is Small Business Insurance, and How Can It Help You?

What is Small Business Insurance, and How Can It Help You?

Small business insurance is important for any business owner, whether they are in retail, construction, and financial services. It will protect your hard-earned livelihood. Coverage for small businesses can be used to protect against costly damage and lawsuits.


  • Accidents
  • Natural disasters
  • Professional errors
  • Workers’ comp


Types Small Business Insurance

Small business insurance is a great way to protect your company’s personal property as well as income. It protects you from liability claims. Learn more What small business insurance is .


Additional Small Business Protection

To find the Best Small Business Insurance Insurance products and coverages will likely vary depending on your needs. Use our Policy for business owners (BOP): You get three important types of coverage in one.


What Covers Small Business Insurance?

There is no one-size fits all policy for small business insurance that covers every claim. Small business insurance policies that are best for one company may not work well for another. A BOP provides liability and property coverage, which is why many small-business owners choose it. BOPs can help protect your business against:


  • Claim it caused bodily injury, or property damage to other people’s belongings
  • The equipment and buildings that are rented or owned may be damaged.
  • Loss in income if you are unable to work due to covered property damages


  • Accidents
  • Natural disasters
  • Professional errors
  • Workers’ comp

Types of small-business insurance

Small business insurance provides protection for your company’s personal and financial assets. It can also help protect you against liability claims. Learn more What is small-business insurance? .

Additional Protection for Small Businesses

To access the Small business insurance that is affordable You will probably need to have different insurance policies and coverages. Get our Policy for Business Owners (BOP), three essential types will be combined into one.


Costs of Small Business Insurance

Small businesses can have a different cost for insurance. Small businesses are unique, and each one is at risk. How much small business insurance costs? It all depends on your needs. The infographic below allows you to view the average cost that businesses paid for insurance with The Hartford. 1

More information about small-business insurance

Why Small Business Insurance is Important

Insurance is required in almost all states for small business owners. Accidents can happen, regardless of your level of preparation. When accidents do happen, the right type of insurance can make a difference. Find out how insurance can help small businesses.


  • Claims that it caused bodily injuries or property damages to someone else’s possessions
  • Damage to the equipment and/or buildings owned or rented
  • Loss of income when you are unable or unable operate due to the covered property damage

Our top-rated small business insurance policies

One small business policy does not cover all risk. Different types offer different insurance options to address the various lawsuits, damages and accidents that can impact businesses. These policies address common hazards.

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