What is Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

What is Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

Workers’ compensation insurance (also known as workers’ comp insurance) helps small business owners cover lost wages and medical expenses for employees who are injured or become sick. You may also be eligible for rehabilitation and death benefits. Also known as workman’s insurance, workers’ compensation is also called workman’s compensation. The GEICO Insurance Agency has partnered with companies to ensure that your business gets the protection and coverage it needs. Get your workers’ compensation quote.

Choose Best Workers’ Compensation Insurance in USA 2023

An injured worker’s cost is more than just an insurance payout. It also affects overall productivity and will cause premiums to rise. Workman’s compensation insurance could be the largest insurance expense on your financial statement, depending on your industry, claim history, and worker size. Gallagher is available. Gallagher is available to help with workplace analysis and workers compensation insurance. This will make your business more secure and less risky.

An efficient and cost-effective workers’ compensation program that is cost-effective and analytically based on risk transfer.

  • OSHA-compliant monitoring and record-keeping, as well as inspection planning
  • Benchmarking analysis
  • Claims management, case review and claim audit
  • OSHA Inspection Planning
  • Training programs
  • Cost programs that are tailored to each industry

We also offer risk financing options that are comprehensive, such as:

  • Workers compensation pools
  • Programs for associations
  • Complementary work
  • Retention aggregate stop loss
  • Captives or self-insurance
  • Oklahoma opt-out and Texas non-subscription insurance

Reduced costs through insurance carrier relationships

We bring the power of a global broker to workers compensation programs that are becoming more complex.We have strong relationships with top insurance companies that allow us to negotiate and place coverage for difficult lines of business or specific classes of employees. We ensure that you get unparalleled loss control and claims services.

We keep our client-centered focus current on industry issues and key topics. We will share any relevant information we find about key topics and trends with you. Our team of risk managers and workman’s compensation insurance specialists keeps up to date with the most recent legislative developments in the United States. This includes key topics like healthcare reform and claims management services.

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