Whatsapp has a very special feature for messaging

By | 20 March, 2022

Whatsapp has a very special feature for messaging, find out if you got it or not and how it works ..

Whatsapp – The long wait for WhatsApp users is over now. After a long time, WhatsApp has started rolling out its emoji reaction feature slowly. It is currently released for a limited number of users, but it is claimed that it will be released to the public soon.


This feature has been waiting a long time. Currently this feature is already available on social media platforms Instagram and Telegram. WhatsApp users used to lack this, but now this lack is gone. Find out what makes this feature work .


Understand the feature first –
The Emoji Reaction feature is meant to be an option in which we can show our feelings by reacting to a message with an emoji. Suppose someone sent you a happy birthday or some other message. Now if you want to give a reaction as soon as you write a word, you can use this feature to react.


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How it will work –
To use this feature you have to click on the message received from any contact. This will open an emoji box in front of you. You can send it by selecting any of these images. That emoji will win with that message. At present people are being given only 6 Imagination options for reactions. These 6 options include Like, Love, Laughter, Surprise, Sad and Thanks. Although this beta version has just been released for a few people, it is hoped that it will be available soon. However, another new emoji will be added when it is officially released.


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