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Customers-centric experiences continue being the cornerstone of every business moment this year. However, what brands are able to make this shift is often overlooked. Being customer-centric is all about knowing your customers and understanding their needs. The advantages of CRM softwareare clear. It keeps all historical information in one place, making managing customer relationships easier. CRM’s benefits have been multiplied to connect multiple departments and empower more connected groups with the same information.


This is the magic behind a customer-centric environment.

Today’s CRM software is supercharged with integrations, which foster collaboration and provide access to data — all under one roof. The right tool can help companies target different audiences. It should also allow them to create intelligent automations based solely on a particular lead or customer activity. Additionally, all departments can now offer consistent, personalized interactions to customers in the best interests of their customers.

2. Actionable data dashboards.

To manage customer relationships and data using spreadsheets or other disconnected systems, you need to manually input or import data. This involves figuring out what is important, missing historical context, or the complete picture of a customer relationship in order to get proper insights. Then, you have to try to create a visual way to present this data. CRM handles most of these tasks for you. After you have invested in the platform, you will be able to take advantage of the dashboard. To help turn insights into actions, you can create a custom dashboard .

A director of marketing might be interested in the click-through rate of each email campaign, for example. A dashboard can be set up that displays the number of people who opened an email, their click-through rates, and other information. However, a director of sales would like to know how many calls were made per hour and whether any of those calls led to positive actions, such as a demo or future meeting. Specific metrics can be used to illustrate customer patterns, such as which industry leads to positive next steps. Dashboards allow users to quickly view the most important data for their workflows, without needing to search, sort, sort or run reports.

3. Customer-centric automation.

You can tailor your outreach and messaging to each customer’s needs by continuously capturing data and insights about your market and audience. This is dynamic and automated message: It’s possible to place people with important similarities, such as an interest in niche products, into different drip campaigns.

CRM has this capability, which allows you to set up automated emails that target specific audiences and are triggered with specific actions. You can use drip campaigns throughout your sales funnel.

If someone creates a customized itinerary for a trip in Thailand on a tour company’s website, instead of sending them generic email about travel, you could start them on a drip program for people who make custom itineraries for Southeast Asia. Automating allows you to remove people from a drip campaign at any point based on their actions. To avoid confusion and redundant emails, your platform will automatically delete the person from a drip campaign if they book a trip to Thailand.

4. Customer interactions that are proactive

The data from your CRM platform can automate personalized outreach and improve customer service. A sales team or support representative can better understand the needs of a customer and help solve them more proactively if they have this information.

This is a huge advantage for a customer support team. Relevant data is available in the rep’s dashboards and in cases. Reps can then get to the important stuff. This saves time and makes customers, both potential and existing, feel valued. Plus, it can help you improve your bottom line by ensuring that customer satisfaction is higher and reducing time resolution time.

Updated: December 25, 2022 — 11:29 am

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