Mahatma Gandhi jayanti 2013-About Mahatma Gandhi (Oct. 2,1869- Jan,30 1948)-famous Qoutes of Mahatma Gandhi-Favorite Bhajan’s of Mahatma Gandhi-image2013-Greetings2013

About Mahatma Gandhi (Oct. 2,1869- Jan,30 1948)       Mahatma Gandhi was a national icon who led the struggle for India’s independence from British colonial rule, empowered by tens of millions of common Indians. He was a man who did what he said and led an exemplary and a transparent life.      Born … Read more

Bali Yatra Festival-Date Bali Yatra-About Bali Yatra-Legend of Bali Yatra-Acctration of Bali Yatra-Celebration Image Bali Yatra-Bali Yatra Video

Date Bali Yatra Bali Yatra will Celebrated of every Year in November.This Festival is Mostly Large Celebration in Orrisa. About Bali Yatra Bali Yatra is one such festival. The festival associated with the adventurous spirit of the Oriyas, bring back the picture of the brave merchants braving the seven seas to change the lives of … Read more

Naina Mata Festival coming Date2013-Mata Naina Devi Shloka-Celebration Naina Mata Festival-Naina Mata Festival Fair2013-Naina Mata Festival SMS2013-Naina Mata Pictures- Naina Mata Temple Image In Nainital

Naina Mata Festival coming Date2013 Naina Mata Festival will Coming 2013 in August Month.This Festival is Celebration In Nainita Himachal Pradesh state. Mata Naina Devi Shloka ” O! Mother,You always prevail in heart of every individual in form of     Wisdom,Wealth and Strength.Please shower your blessings on us.” Celebration Naina Mata Festival The word Naina … Read more

Today Celebration Guru Purnima Baps Swaminarayaran Temple2012

Today 3rd July 2012 is celebration Guru purnima Celebration .Baps Swaminarayan Temple is most popular Festival.Full of People coming doing a Darshan of Guru hari Bhram Swarup Sri Pramukh swami Maharaj. To Show live Gurupurnima Website Baps Swamanarayan. Darshan Time : 7.45 am to 10.15 am IST  Swamishri is observing Chaturmas in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The vicharan … Read more