Tomorrow Rath Yatra Amedabad Preparation-Sequarity

Tomorow All indians Celebrate Rath Yatra.In Amedabad (Gujarat) People celebrate Rath Yatra.A very Huge Yatra.All Amedabadi Join Rath Yatra.In Rath Yatra to join Bhagvan jagannath’s three rath,eighteen elephants,one hundred one trucks,thirty Akhadas,Three Ras mandli,eighteen bhajan mandli,seven car,two auto rickshow,one Horse gadi,and five orchestra in rath yatra. This preparation is during one Month.Police siquarity preparation begin … Read more

Diwali Recipe-Festival of india-Recipe of Kaju Barfi-Ingredients-Preparation-Greeting

Recipe Kaju Barfi Ingredients : 2 cups Sugar 1/2 cup Water 3 1/4 cups Cashew powder Silver foil 1/2 cup Cashewnuts Preparation : Pour enough sugar in water to prepare a sugar syrup of about 2 thread consistency. Then dissolve cashew powder in the sugar syrup to make the whole solution thick. Next, spread the … Read more