Today Shravan month Begin and Celebrating the auspicious month of Shravan

Today 7 August begin hindu’s holy Shravan month.All hindu celebrate shravan month and  go to mahadev shivji’s temple.This month is very holy and important.Some people take food one time.Many festivals comes in shravan month,like a Nag panchami,Randhan chatth,Shitla Satam,Janmastmi,Dashama Vrat,Jivantika Vrat,Everaj jevrat Vrat,Somvar(Monday Vrat), and any other.

Shravan Month Rituls2013-Upakarma ritual-Adorning a new sacred thread

Shravan Month Rituls It is also known as Upakarma or Rishitarpan. The ritual of Shravani is associated with the learning of the Vedas. Two rituals performed associated with the learning of Vedas are Utsarjan ritual, that is, giving up of the Vedas Upakarma ritual, that is, accepting of the Veda Upakarma vidhi is performed before … Read more