Shani Jayanti2013-Coming Date Shani Jayanti2013-About Shani Jayanti-Shani Jayanti Birth Story-Shani Jayanti Puja-Significance of Shani Jayanti-Shani Jayanti Images

Coming Date Shani Jayanti2013 Sani(Sani Dev) Jayanti is Coming on 8th June 2013. About Shani Jayanti  Shani Jayanti is marked as birth anniversary of Lord Shani. Shani Jayanti is also known as Shani Amavasya. Lord Shani is son of Lord Suryadev and rules planet Saturn and weekday Saturday. Shani Jayanti is observed on Amavasya Tithi … Read more

Apara(Achala) Ekadashi-Coming Date Apara Ekadashi2013-About Apara Ekadashi-Importance and Significance of Apara Ekadashi-Apara Ekadashi Fast Method-Apara Ekadashi Fast Story-Apara Ekadashi Images

Coming Date Apara Ekadashi2013 Apara Ekadashi is Coming on 4 June 2013. About Apara Ekadashi  Apara Ekadasi is observed during the Krishna Paksha (second fortnight) of the month Vaisakha masam. Apara Ekadasi is also called as Vaishak Vadi Ekadashi or Achala Ekadashi.Apara Ekadashi is also called as Achala Ekadashi. Significance of Apara Ekadashi is mentioned … Read more

Mohini Ekadashi Vrat2013-Coming date Mohini Ekadashi Vrat2013-About Mohini Ekadashi Vrat-Mohini Ekadashi VratKatha(Story)-How To Observe Mohini Ekadashi Vrat-Mohini Ekadashi Vrat Images

Coming date Mohini Ekadashi Vrat2013 Mohini Ekadashi Vtar is Coming on 21 May 2013. About Mohini Ekadashi Vrat  Mohini Ekadashi is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and is observed in the month of Vaishakha during the waxing phase of the moon (Shukla Paksha). While this ritual falls in the Vaishakha month in the calendars of North … Read more

Mohini Ekadashi2013-Coming Date Mohini Ekadashi2013-About Mohini Ekadashi-Mohini Ekadashi Fast Importance-Mohini Ekadashi Fast Method-Mohini Ekadashi Fast Story-Mohini Ekadashi images

Coming Date Mohini Ekadashi2013 Mohini Ekadashi is Coming on 21 May 2013. About Mohini Ekadashi  Mohini Ekadashi is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and is observed in the month of Vaishakha during the waxing phase of the moon (Shukla Paksha). While this ritual falls in the Vaishakha month in the calendars of North India and other … Read more

Sita(Janki) Navami2013-Coming Date Sita Navami2013-About Sita Navami-Sita Birth Story-Siita Navami Fast Method-Sita Navami Images

Coming Date Sita Navami2013 Sita Navmi is Coming on 19 May 2013.Sita Navmi is known as Janki Navmi. About Sita Navami  Sita Navami is celebrated as birth anniversary of Goddess Sita. This day is also known as Sita Jayanti. Married women keep fast on Sita Navami day and pray to seek long lives of their … Read more

Varuthini Ekadashi2013-Coming Date Varuthini Ekadashi2013-About Varuthini Ekadashi-Varuthini Ekadashi Fast Importance-Varuthini Ekadashi Fast Story-Things to remember on the day of Varuthini Ekadashi fast-How to observe-Varuthini Ekadashi Images

Coming Date Varuthini Ekadashi2013  Varuthini Ekadashi is Coming on 5 May 2013 and accrding to gujarati calander 11th Day of Krishna Paksha of Chaitra month.  About Varuthini Ekadashi  Varuthini Ekadashi arrives on Chaitra Vad 11. Observing a full fasting vratt on this day is rewarded with happiness in this world and the next. This vratt … Read more

Amalakhi Ekadashi Vrat-Amalakhi Ekadashi Vrat date-About Amalakhi Ekadashi Vrat-Amalakhi Ekadashi Vrat Story(Vrat Katha)-How To Observe Amalaki Ekadasi Vrat- Amalaki Ekadasi Vrat Images

Amalakhi Ekadashi Vrat date Amalakhi Ekadashi Vrat is coming on 23 march in year 2013 and According to Gujarati Month coming in Falgun Months Day of Eleven Every Year. About Amalakhi Ekadashi Vrat Amalaki Ekadashi occurs on the 11th day in the Phalgun month of the Hindu lunar calendar during the waxing or bright phase … Read more

Holika Dahan(Choti Holi)2013-Coming Date Holika Dahan2013-About Holika Dahan-Story of Holika Dahan-Holika Dahan Process-Holika Dahan Muhurt2013-Holika Dahan Greetings2013-Holika Dahan Images-Holika Dahan Screps2013

Coming Date Holika Dahan2013 Holika Dahan is Coming on 26 March 2013.and According to gujarati month Falgun Purnima.Holika dahan is Called choti holi. About Holika Dahan Holika Dahan is the ritualistic burning of Holika demon during Holi festival, which usually falls on February – March every year. Holika Dahan, which celebrates the victory of good … Read more

Shivratri-Maha Shivratri Story-Significance Of Maha Shivratri-Maha Shivratri Greetings-Maha Shivratri Screps

Maha Shivratri Story There are many questions that exist in our mind and remain unanswerable most of the time. One such example can be our queries related to Shivratri celebrations and Mahashivratri Story. Many of us used to think or still think, as to why we celebrate this festival of Maha Shivratri. Well there are … Read more

Jaya Ekadashi-Coming Date Jaya Ekadashi-About Jaya Ekadashi-Jaya Ekadashi Story-Jaya Ekadashi Images

Coming Date Jaya Ekadashi Jaya Ekadashi is Coming on 21 January 2013. About Jaya Ekadashi Jaya Ekadasi is observed during the waxing phase of the moon (Shukla Paksha) in the month of January/February. In 2013, the date of Jaya Ekadashi is February 21- Smarta and February 22 – Vaishnava. It is also observed as Bhishma … Read more