Cheti Chand – Festivals of India – SMS and Greetings

Cheti Chand is the Sindhi New Year and is celebrated by the Sindhis all around the world. Cheti Chand is observed on the first day of the month of Chaitra. Chaitra is known as Cheti in Sindhi, hence Cheti Chand.The main festival starts with the worships of Jhulelal and Bahrano. Men perform the folk dance, Chej on sindhi music before Jhulelal.
Cheti Chand is observed on the first day of the Sindhi Chet month
(March – April) or Chaitra month in Hindu calendar; hence called

Cheti Chand SMS:

Wish you a Happy Cheti Chand with love,
peace, hope and joy for the year ahead
Cheti Chand Wishes to you and Your Family

• May God fullfil all your Wishes and Dreams
This year wish you very Happy Cheti Chand

• Jo Karm k siddhant ko samazkar uchit karm karta hai
Vah Karm k bandhan se mukta ho jata hai
Sabhi Ko Cheti Chand Ki Badhai Ho !!!

• May Lord Thulelaal Shower
his blessings on you
Happy Cheti Chand

• Let this Cheti Chand bring peace and prosperity
in the lives of all with the blessings of Lord Varuna
Happy Cheti Chand

• May this year come with lots
of joy and Happiness for you

• Happy Cheti Chand
Wish you very Happy and
Prosperous New year

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