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By | 9 August, 2013

Today Eid-al-Fatr Celebration 

One of the most celebrated festivals of the Islamic community is here. Eid-ul-FItr marks the end of the holy month Ramadan. Muslims celebrate Eid with grandeur and joy by preparing delicacies, families gathering together for Eid and splurging on new clothes.

The spirit behind the observance of Eid-ul-Fitr is to express thanks to Allah for giving Muslims the courage to observe fast for the entire month of Ramadan Ramadan is treated as a month that tests your truthfulness, sincerity, self-control, patience and human dignity. It is not just restraining from having food but also to abstain from all kinds of evil and unlawful practices in Islam.
The all-day fasting added with prayers five times in a day for the entire month makes it a rightful reason to celebrate.
As the Muslims follow Lunar calendar, the fasting month of Ramadan will come to an end with the sighting of the moon.
The date for the start of any lunar Hijri month varies based on the observation of new moon by local religious authorities, so the exact day of celebration varies by locality. However in most countries, it is generally celebrated on the same day as Saudi Arabia.
Eid-ul-Fitr literally means ‘festival of breaking the fast’ therefore declaring an end to the fasting month of Ramadan.
At the break of dawn, on the first of Shawwal(next month after Ramadan in the Islamic calender), practicing Muslims wake up before sunrise, offer Salatul Fajr (the pre-sunrise prayer), and in keeping with the traditions of the Prophet Mohammed clean their teeth with a toothbrush, take a shower before prayers, put on new clothes (or the best available), and apply perfume.

 Eid-al-Fatr Sms 
As the mountain high,
U move without sigh;
like the white linen flair,
Purity is always an affair;
As sunshine creates morning glory,
fragrance fills years as flory;
with the immaculate eternal smile,
attached to u mile after mile;
All darkness is far away,
As light is on its way;

Wish all of u a very Happy Ramadan Eid

Lonesome Without U,
Each N Every Moments.
When I Am Alone,
I Close My Eyes N Think Of U N
Thoughts Of Ur Love Warms Me Inside N
Makes Me Smile.
Miss U A Lot.
Eid Mubarak.

Wishing you good times Wishing you good fortune 
 Sending pleasant surprises your way 
Wishing you shining days ahead 
Wishing you smiling and joyful days ahead.
EID Mubarak
Koi itna Chahe Tumhe to batana,
Koi tumhare itne Naaz uthaaye to Batana,
EID MUBARAK to har koi Keh dega tumse,
Koi Hamari tarah kahe to batana.
 Eid-al-Fatr Greetings 

Eid-al-Fatr Images 

Eid-al-Fatr Screps  

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