Full Moon Party Music

The awesome full moon beach party has every type of music played across 15 sound sytems from trance, goa, drum n’ bass, dub, reggae, commercial hits, house, techno. Full-on psy-trance is everywhere at the Full Moon Fest as these were the notes of choice in the 1980’s when the party started snowballing.

Full Moon Party dates 2012 Thailand

Sunday 08,        January    Wednesday 08,   February 2012Wednesday 07,   March 2012Friday 06,         April 2012Sunday 06,    May 2012Monday 04,   June 2012Tuesday 03,  July 2012Saturday 04,  August 2012Saturday 01,  September 2012Sunday 30,    September 2012Monday 29,   October 2012Wednesday 28, November 2012Tuesday 25,   December 2012 … Read more