Virat Kohli shared a special picture while kissing Anushka, went viral

  Cricketer Virat Kohli has shared a romantic photo with Anushka Sharma on social media. In that photo he is kissing Anushka. That photo has become trending on social media and everyone is not tired of praising their chemistry. This photo has been shared by Virat on a very special day. On this day, the cricketer’s daughter has turned two months old.

Virat shared a romantic photo with Anushka

 In a viral photo on social media, Virat Kohli is kissing Anushka on the forehead. In that beautiful photo, the chemistry of both of them is also looking alive and their bonding is also coming out very well. By the way, this post of Virat has also been shared at the time when Anushka also wrote a special post on social media. The actress had told through Insta Story that her daughter has turned two months old. On that special occasion, the actress also cut a cake. Then Anushka wrote – Two months have passed happily.

Virat praises Anushka

 In such a situation, now that Virat has shared this photo with Anushka, it is bound to be trending. By the way, on the day of Women’s Day, Virat wrote a special post for Anushka Sharma. On that day too, the cricketer had praised his wife openly. Virat wrote – Watching the birth of a child is very heartbreaking, absolutely incredible and the best experience that a human being can have. After seeing that, you get to know the real power and divinity of women, as well as understand why God created a life in them. Because they are more powerful than us men.

It is known that on January 11, Anushka Sharma gave birth to a daughter. Both have named their daughter Vamika. Some pictures of the daughter have been shared on social media, which have also received a lot of love from the fans and they have also been seen trending for a long time.

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